07 November 2011

032 - Pull-up / lift-up curtain

We found these beautiful cotton cloths in Monticchiello in Italy. Three of them were sown together, to make a privacy curtain at the new toilet room at home.
While washing or sitting on the toilet we thought that when it's dark outside, the need for privacy starts from below. And it ends at the top: maybe we would like to look out on the nice trees and the park while actually doing those activities.

I went to a curtain shop or two and found a rod that could be used, not as roll-down or drop-down rod, but as roll-up, pull-up or lift-up curtain rod. It is an aluminum tube with a spring inside, and no lock. A standard rod with the lock removed will do.

Two small wooden pieces were screwed to the lower part of the window, to hold the rod. Fasten one first, then slide the curtain in place and then screw the other side.

I did not want to use a rope and pulley to lift (i.e. pull) the curtain in position, and something to keep it in position. I didn't think it would be simple and elegant enough. My "cliffhangers" were stoppers at each side of the window frame. Each is made of two wood pieces that are cut at angles so that they lock in position with only one screw. I used a screw to lock, and a tiny nail to keep the other from falling.

Search words in Norwegian: rullegardin som løftes eller dras opp til bruk på wc eller badet 

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